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GSS Impresses at the Ford S7ampede

On September 14 at the 2022 North American International Auto Show, Ford Motor Company unleashed the S7ampede and the all-new seventh-generation Ford Mustang charged onto the global scene. It made quite an impression.

“By and large, the new Mustang has the same platform as its predecessor, with the two sharing an essentially identical 107.0-inch wheelbase. Still, Ford did tweak things by specifying aluminum for both front lower links on all cars, changing the design of the suspension knuckles, and updating the rear suspension links to units inspired by the Shelby GT350. The Mustang also has new spring rates and shocks that are said to better match each specific model’s ride and performance targets. Most notably, the steering system has been heavily revised with a new rack, a quicker ratio, and other changes that Ford claims make the tiller more responsive (20%, to be exact). The Mustang also now has a flat-bottom steering wheel with a thicker rim and slightly smaller diameter.”

Car and Driver

The biggest upgrades to the Mustang’s chassis and dynamics are in terms of steering feel, which Ford says is greatly enhanced thanks to a faster ratio, a new rack, and a number of stiffness improvements.


From the team at Ford to GSS…“New I-shaft. Awesome! Lots of discussion here about the steering gear, but that stiffer steering system is almost certainly your I-shaft. Well done delivering an efficient design that does exactly what our customers want.”
and…“Thanks for all the hard work and an awesome I-shaft design…Please share with the greater team and let’s keep focused on assuring our slider and U-joint stiffness capability improvements benefit each and every part made.”

Global Steering Systems has made its mark on the 2024 seventh-generation Mustang, and people are noticing. Here are just a few of the accolades the team garnered:

“Congrats to the entire GSS team!”
“What a great feather in your hat!”
And internally: “Ford is very happy with the S650 Mustang I-Shaft performance. Great job! Let’s keep it up. All are watching with great expectations from us. Pass on the great news! Thank you all!”

Thank you to GSS for keeping customers on the cutting edge of automotive performance and for keeping drivers happy and safe with steering components that the world is celebrating.

The 2024 Mustang’s new steering system has a faster ratio, new rack, and stiffer connections, including the cross-car beam to improve feel.”

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