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Our Technology

GSS is flexible and responsive to individual customer needs as well as automotive industry advancements and trends. This requires us to remain innovative with respect to our processes as well as our products. For example, we’ve developed new approaches to surface treatments and coatings that use more clean energy and produce less waste. We’ve also created a high performance spline slider that is unduplicated in the automotive industry. Our proprietary technology, developed for EPS applications, offers:

A wireframe outline of a vehicle showing various engine and steering components.
  • High stiffness over a full range of force-to-slide (FTS)
  • Reduced FTS (installs easily, performs better)
  • Proven stick slip grip performance
  • Compact packaging envelope
  • No grease, which eliminates degradation over time
  • Consistent performance over wide temperature range
  • Proven durability and warranty performance
  • High torque CEPS applications

GSS: Advancing Technology

As we grew, we learned a lot from each customer. Our agile work processes allowed us to develop new products and technology to meet changing market demands. Key innovations include:

  • Steering components that arose from a strategy to expand into products that utilize bearings
  • Evolution of cam shafts from tube-forming technology
  • Production of steering shaft for an extensive range of vehicles and markets
  • Introduction of pivot tilt shafts
  • Development of a new splined slider
  • Replacement of a polymer ball hub with a patented steel and polymer hub to meet 5-star crash requirements
  • Launch of the first electric power assist steering (EPAS) product for a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Development of an upper pivot tilt-lock (RTA)
  • Optimization of the splined slider and universal joint for column EPAS
  • Development of high-torque intermediate shafts for column drive electric power steering (CEPS) applications

Product Catalog

GSS offers a full range of products to meet light and heavy-duty vehicle requirements. We keep pace with electric vehicle (EV) needs, with steering system assistance and modular product designs that offer variety in size, weight, and performance.