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Global Steering Systems started in 2009, but our roots and depth of experience go back further than that. Over the years, we remained flexible and adaptive, introducing new products to improve safety and meet changing demand. Here are some key milestones along our journey.


Steering Business Established

Torrington Company established the steering business in the United Kingdom, launching its first column and intermediate shaft for the Ford Escort.

Early 1970s

Steering Business Expands to North America

Steering manufacturing expands to North America. Within 6 weeks, the first I-shaft is introduced to market.

Late 1980s

Pivot Tilt Shafts are Introduced

Torrington introduces a patented polymer ball hub style upper pivot tilt column shaft, a simpler, more cost effective assembly.

Mid 1980s

Torrington Unites with NSK

Torrington and NSK jointly form Nastech, serving North America.

Early 1990s

Safety Improves

Torrington raises the bar on safety, developing and patenting new safety-critical features to meet stricter industry regulations.

Mid 1990s

Corporate Headquarters Opens in the United States

Torrington consolidates 3 facilities into one, creating the corporate headquarters for steering in Watertown, Connecticut. Engineering and manufacturing expand to include constant velocity joint, decoupler, and lightweight components for SUVs.


Splined Slider

Torrington develops and mass produces a new slider utilizing a proprietary process in order to meet stringent NVH requirements. To date, more than 30 million intermediate shafts have been introduced in new vehicles.


Global Steering Systems LLC is Established

Through a series of acquisitions involving Torrington, Timken, and DriveSol, Global Steering Systems LLC is founded in 2009.


Manufacturing Begins in China

Global Steering Systems expands manufacturing into China to serve the Asia Pacific region.


Manufacturing Begins in Poland

Global Steering Systems opens a state-of-the-art facility in Poland to serve the European demand for sales, engineering, and manufacturing.


Manufacturing Begins in Brazil

Global Steering Systems opens a manufacturing facility in Brazil to serve South America.


Manufacturing Stops in Brazil

GSS services shift from manufacturing to sales and customer support.


GSS Is a Global Leader

Today, GSS is an independent, privately-held company with sales force and operations in the United States, China, and Poland.