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GSS offers a full range of products to meet light, medium and heavy-duty vehicle requirements. We keep pace with Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle and Electric Vehicle (EV) needs with steering system engineering assistance and modular product designs that are optimized in size, weight, and performance.

“The Renegade’s well-weighted and quick steering lends a sporty feel and displays very good overall balance.”

Albuquerque Journal

Our product range is dynamic and ever changing, to keep pace with technologic advancements and automotive market demands. Our manufacturing processes are flexible enough to adapt to large or small volume applications. At the same time, we continue to honor our duty to minimize our environmental impact and maintain full compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Column Shaft Components

We design and engineer safety critical steering components that withstand tough use over time.

A steering wheel is in the foreground of a vehicle interior.

Passenger Car Steering Shafts

GSS passenger vehicle steering shafts are engineered to support the full range of passenger vehicles: from the smallest to the largest, the most basic to high performance, and luxury.

The exterior view of a Mini Cooper from the front quarter panel.


GSS is a leading manufacturer of steering systems for SUVs, including luxury performance electric vehicles.

Exterior view of a black SUV from the driver's side front quarter panel.

Light Truck

GSS intermediate shafts stand up to rugged applications and feature exceptional durability.

Exterior view from passenger side rear quarter panel of a light duty, red pickup truck

Speciality Steering Products

GSS is a worldwide supplier of steering products for the specialty market. We manufacture steering products for agricultural equipment, commercial trucks, and numerous delivery vehicles.

A leather wrapped steering wheel with a dashboard in the background.