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Core Values

Corporate Sustainability

At GSS, we understand our responsibility to protect the planet and constantly seek ways to minimize the environmental impact of our global business and manufacturing operations. In accordance with that, we train and encourage our associates to suggest new ways to foster and improve our environmental stewardship. Everyone does their part to collectively ensure that GSS remains a good corporate citizen, always working within the parameters of environmental compliance.

Here are just some of the ways we ensure that our business is not conducted at the expense of the environment:

  • We continually improve our environmental management system to enhance performance
  • We hold our facility managers responsible and accountable for ensuring proper chemical handling and processing, maintaining healthy air and water quality, monitoring water consumption, managing resources sustainably, reducing waste, and controlling greenhouse gas emissions
  • Our team members receive ongoing training and communication in all matters of environmental protection and regulation
  • Top level managers make sure that our facilities are operating within environmental compliance parameters
  • We regularly monitor greenhouse gas emissions, energy expenditure, waste management, climate risk, and water management/wastewater processing
  • We adjust our business as needed to make sure that our products continue to meet increasing demand for more environmentally friendly electric and hybrid vehicles
  • We make sure that our production processes embrace circularity and support recycling by considering end-of-life for all products and materials