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Global Steering Systems

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GSS is a world leader in steering components.

Quality Products That Go the Distance

Rigorous testing at every step in the manufacturing process at every facility ensures that all GSS products are produced to the same high standard.

Exceptional Engineers Produce Exceptional Work

No product is too complex for our teams to design and produce. They have the tools and training needed to design, analyze, risk assess, prototype, and test. The result? A new global standard for steering systems.

Global Steering Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of steering components for automotive giants like Ford Motor Company, Jeep, Lucid Motors, and General Motors, to name a few. With a decades-long track record of excellence and production capabilities in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, GSS designs and manufactures “must-have” products for ensuring driver safety and satisfaction the world over—now and in the years ahead.

“…The Ford Mustang reaches the pinnacle of handling, in terms of the way it corners and goes in a straight line. Such handling prowess comes from a unique magnetic ride-dampening calibration, a larger downforce front splitter…and a stiffer steering I-shaft.”

Our Solutions


We offer a full range of products to address light and heavy-duty vehicle platform requirements—from simple U-joints and center-mounted support bearings to complex intermediate shafts for column drive and rack drive applications. We combine innovative designs and materials with “off the shelf” components to respond quickly to market demand.

Full Service Test Lab

We take quality seriously. As a full-service supplier, we rely on a full-service test lab to ensure conformity and consistency with our production specifications. All products are tested at every step of the manufacturing process and are held to uncompromising standards of performance, quality, durability, and safety.

Full Service Engineering

Quality, dependability, performance, and safety start with exceptional engineering, and our engineers are second to none in the industry. Our cross-functional product development teams understand and fulfill our customers’ needs. Comprehensive validation testing ensures that all GSS products are optimized for our customers’ vehicles.

Our Technology

Our proprietary high-performance spline slider is the result of superior engineering, and delivers the ultimate in performance.

Our Global Reach

GSS is an independent privately held company. With facilities in the United States, China, and Poland, GSS can expedite the delivery of services and solutions to local and global automotive markets.


A company is only as strong as the people who operate it. At GSS, we start by hiring the very best and build from there.